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Matlab API Get Operations


result = ziDAQ('getSample', path);

path (string) = Node path
Returns a single demodulator sample (including
DIO and AuxIn). For more efficient data recording
use the subscribe and poll functions.


result = ziDAQ('getAuxInSample', path);

path (string) = Node path
Returns a single auxin sample. Note, the auxin data
is averaged in contrast to the auxin data embedded
in the demodulator sample.


result = ziDAQ('getDIO', path);

path (string) = Node path.
Returns a single DIO sample.


result = ziDAQ('getDouble', path);

path (string) = Node path


result = ziDAQ('getComplex', path);

path (string) = Node path


result = ziDAQ('getInt', path);

path (string) = Node path


result = ziDAQ('getByte', path);

path (string) = Node path


result = ziDAQ('getString', path);

path (string) = Node path


ziDAQ('get', path, [flags]);

path (string) = Node path
Gets a structure of the node data from the specified
branch. High-speed streaming nodes (e.g. /devN/demods/0/sample)
are not returned. Wildcards (*) may be used.
Note: Flags are ignored for a path that specifies one or
      more leaf nodes.
Specifying flags is mandatory if an empty set would be returned
given the default flags (settingsonly).
[flags] (uint32) = Specify which types of node to include
in the result. Allowed:
      ZI_LIST_NODES_SETTINGSONLY = 8 (default)
      ZI_LIST_NODES_ALL = 0 (all nodes)
      Moreover, all flags supported by listNodes() can be used.