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LabOne Ports

Data Server Ports

The LabOne Data Server (as described in Software Architecture) serves as the main entry point for all communication with the instrument. The Data Server listens on a TCP/IP port for incoming connections from clients.

The following default ports are used by the Data Server:

Port Description
8001 (N-3) internal usage
8002 (N-2) internal usage
8003 (N-1) internal usage
8004 (N) The main port for communication with the Data Server (except HF2).
8005 The main port for communication with the HF2 Data Server.


All ports must be accessible for the Data Server to function properly. This also applies when the data server runs in a container, e.g. Docker (see Docker).

Random Side Note

8005 is the zip code for the headquarters of Zurich Instruments in Zurich, Switzerland.

Changing the default Ports

The default ports can be changed by specifying the --port N command line switch when starting the Data Server.


If the command line switch --port N is used, the ports N-3 to N must be accessible.