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C API ZIDemodSample StructΒΆ

The structure used to hold data for a single demodulator sample.

Name Type Description
timeStamp ZITimeStamp The timestamp at which the sample has been measured.
x double X part of the sample.
y double Y part of the sample.
frequency double oscillator frequency at that sample.
phase double oscillator phase at that sample.
dioBits uint32_t the current bits of the DIO.
trigger uint32_t trigger bits
ValueMF Device TypeUHF Device Type
0Value of Trig In 1Value of Trig In 3
1Value of Trig In 2Value of Trig In 4
2Repeated value of Trig In 1Value of Trig In 1
3Repeated value of Trig In 2Value of Trig In 2
4-Value of Trig Out 3
5-Value of Trig Out 4
6Value fo Trig Out 1Value of Trig Out 1
7Value of Trig Out 2Value of Trig Out 2
8Frequency of demodulator 2 (oscillator phase)Frequency of demodulator 4 (oscillator phase)
9Frequency of demodulator 4 (oscillator phase)Frequency of demodulator 8 (oscillator phase)
10-Value of AWG Trigger 1
11-Value of AWG Trigger 2
12-Value of AWG Trigger 3
13-Value of AWG Trigger 4
auxIn0 double value of Aux input 0.
auxIn1 double value of Aux input 1.