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How To Read Device TimestampsΒΆ

This guide which format the device timestamp has and how to treat it.

The timestamp reported by the device is a 64-bit unsigned integer and is calculated in microseconds (10e-6 s). It resets after every reboot, or overflow.

The timestamp does therefore not relate to the host computer system time and can only be used to calculate the time between internal events that happened on the device, e.g. time between two samples.

The timestamp is not automatically synchronized between devices. If timestamp between different devices must be aligned, e.g. for aligning measurement data, the easiest way is to use the build in Multi Device Synchronization (MDS) feature, for test and measurement devices, or the ZSYNC feature through the PQSC, for quantum devices.


The LabOne MDS Module provides an easy interface to use the MDS feature.