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C API ZIChunkHeader StructΒΆ

Structure to hold generic chunk data header information.

Name Type Description
systemTime ZITimeStamp System timestamp.
createdTimeStamp ZITimeStamp Creation timestamp.
changedTimeStamp ZITimeStamp Last changed timestamp.
flags uint32_t Flags (bitmask of values from ZIChunkHeaderFlags_enum)
moduleFlags uint32_t moduleFlags (bitmask of values from ZIChunkHeaderModuleFlags_enum, module-specific)
status uint32_t Status Flag: [0] : selected [1] : group assigned [2] : color edited [4] : name edited.
reserved0 uint32_t
chunkSizeBytes uint64_t Size in bytes used for memory usage calculation.
triggerNumber uint64_t SW Trigger counter since execution start.
name char Name in history list.
groupIndex uint32_t Group index in history list.
color uint32_t Color in history list.
activeRow uint32_t Active row in history list.
gridRows uint32_t Number of grid rows.
gridCols uint32_t Number of grid columns.
gridMode uint32_t Grid mode interpolation mode (0 = off, 1 = nearest, 2 = linear, 3 = Lanczos)
gridOperation uint32_t Grid mode operation (0 = replace, 1 = average)
gridDirection uint32_t Grid mode direction (0 = forward, 1 = revers, 2 = bidirectional)
gridRepetitions uint32_t Number of repetitions in grid mode.
gridColDelta double Delta between grid points in SI unit.
gridColOffset double Offset of first grid point relative to trigger.
gridRowDelta double Delta between grid rows in SI unit.
gridRowOffset double Delay of first grid row relative to trigger.
bandwidth double For FFT the bandwidth of the signal.
center double The FFT center frequency.
nenbw double For FFT the normalized effective noise bandwidth.