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LabOne Data StructuresΒΆ

The format and type of the data returned by the LabOne API depends on the node. The type for every nodes can be looked up in the device specific user manual.

A node may contain data of the following types:

Type Description
Integer Integer data.
Double Double precision floating point data.
Complex Double Complex double precision floating point data.
String A string array.
Integer (enumerated) As for Integer, but the node only allows certain values.
Composite data type For example, ZIDemodSample or ZIVectorData. These custom data types are structures whose fields contain the instrument output, a timestamp and other relevant instrument settings such as the demodulator oscillator frequency.

The documentation of the composite data types can be found in the C-API Structs. The other APIs use the same types with the same information, but might pack them differently. The Python and MATLAB API for example use dictionaries for the composite data types.