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Matlab API HF2 only



Detect HF2 devices connected to the USB. On Windows this
update is performed automatically.



Deprecated, see the 'sync' command.
The flush command is identical to the sync command.


ziDAQ('echoDevice', device);

Deprecated, see the 'sync' command.
device (string) = device serial, e.g. 'dev100'.
Sends an echo command to a device and blocks until
answer is received. This is useful to flush all
buffers between API and device to enforce that
further code is only executed after the device executed
a previous command.


ziDAQ('programRT', device, filename);

device (string) = device serial, e.g. 'dev100'.
filename (string) = filename of RT program.
HF2 devices only; writes down a real-time program. Requires
the Real time Option must be available for the specified
HF2 device.


result = ziDAQ('secondsTimeStamp', [timestamps]);

timestamps (uint64) = vector of uint64 device ticks
Deprecated. In order to convert timestamps to seconds divide the
timestamps by the value of the instrument's clockbase device node,
e.g., /dev99/clockbase.
[Converts a timestamp vector of uint64 ticks
into a double vector of timestamps in seconds (HF2 Series).]