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PWA Wave.

Name Type Description
timeStamp ZITimeStamp Time stamp at which the data was updated.
sampleCount uint64_t Total sample count considered for PWA.
inputSelect uint32_t Input selection used for the PWA.
oscSelect uint32_t Oscillator used for the PWA.
harmonic uint32_t Harmonic setting.
binCount uint32_t Bin count of the PWA.
frequency double Frequency during PWA accumulation.
pwaType uint8_t Type of the PWA.
mode uint8_t PWA Mode [0: zoom PWA, 1: harmonic PWA].
overflow uint8_t Overflow indicators. overflow[0]: Data accumulator overflow, overflow[1]: Counter at limit, overflow[6..2]: Reserved, overflow[7]: Invalid (missing frames).
commensurable uint8_t Commensurability of the data.
reservedUInt uint32_t Reserved 32bit.
data __ ZIPWASample__ PWA data vector.