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C API ZIVectorData StructΒΆ

The structure used to hold vector data block. See the description of the structure members for details.

Name Type Description
timeStamp ZITimeStamp Time stamp of this array data block.
sequenceNumber uint32_t Current array transfer sequence number. Incremented for each new transfer. Stays same for all blocks of a single array transfer.
blockNumber uint32_t Current block number from the beginning of an array transfer. Large array transfers are split into blocks, which need to be concatenated to obtain the complete array.
totalElements uint64_t Total number of elements in the array.
blockOffset uint64_t Offset of the current block first element from the beginning of the array.
blockElements uint32_t Number of elements in the current block.
flags uint8_t Block marker: Bit (0): 1 = End marker for multi-block transfer Bit (1): 1 = Transfer failure Bit (7..2): Reserved.
elementType uint8_t Vector element type, see ZIVectorElementType_enum.
reserved0 uint8_t
extraHeaderInfo uint32_t For internal use only.
reserved1 uint8_t
reserved2 uint64_t
dataUInt8 uint8_t
dataUInt16 uint16_t
dataUInt32 uint32_t
dataUInt64 uint64_t
dataInt8 int8_t
dataInt16 int16_t
dataInt32 int32_t
dataInt64 int64_t
dataDouble double
dataFloat float
data union ZIVectorData::@5 First data element of the current block.