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Inputs/Outputs Tab

The In / Out tab provides access to the settings of the Instrument’s main Signal Inputs and Signal Outputs. It is available on all UHF Series instruments.


  • Signal input configuration
  • Signal output configuration


The In / Out tab gives access to the same settings as do the left-most and the right-most sections of the Lock-in tab. It is mainly intended to be used on small screens that can not show the entire the Lock-in tab at once. Whenever the tab is closed or an additional one of the same type is needed, clicking the following icon will open a new instance of the tab.

Table 1: App icon and short description
Control/Tool Option/Range Description
In/Out Gives access to all controls relevant for the Signal Inputs and Signal Outputs of each channel.

The In / Out tab contains one section for the signal inputs and one for the signal outputs. All of the corresponding connectors are placed on the instrument front panel. The In / Out tab looks differently depending on whether the UHF-MF Multi-frequency option is installed or not.

Figure 1: LabOne UI: Inputs/Outputs tab (base configuration)

Figure 2: LabOne UI: Inputs/Outputs tab (with UHF-MF Multi-frequency option)

Functional Elements

All functional elements are equivalent to the ones on the Lock-in tab. See the Lock-in Tab or Lock-in MF Tab for a detailed description of the functional elements.