What’s New in the SHFQC User Manual

Release 23.06

Release date: 30-Jun-2023

  • General: Added ability to reset all node settings to preset values by writing to /DEV…​/SYSTEM/PRESET/LOAD node. The nodes /DEV…​/SYSTEM/PRESET/BUSY and /DEV…​/SYSTEM/PRESET/ERROR allow for monitoring of the preset status.

  • QA Channels: Added switchable signal paths: the RF (0.5 - 8.5 GHz) path and LF (DC - 800 MHz) path. Added nodes for switching between RF and LF paths of the QA channel input and output, respectively, as
    /DEV…​/QACHANNELS/n/INPUT/RFLFPATH and /DEV…​/QACHANNELS/n/OUTPUT/RFLFPATH. Furthermore, the node /DEV…​/QACHANNELS/n/OUTPUT/RFLFINTERLOCK allows the interlock to be enabled, such that the RF/LF path setting of the output is always configured to match that of the input.

  • QA Channels: Cleaned up marker source selection by removing non-functional source settings for the node /DEV…​/QACHANNELS/n/MARKERS/m/SOURCE, namely "Channel 2, Sequencer Trigger Output" and "Channel 2, Readout done" selection options.

  • QA Channels: Fixed a sequencer bug in which playZero commands were sometimes skipped when multiple successive playZero commands were used with large sample counts (e.g. 131056).

  • QA Channels: Added an optional synchronization check which ensures that all participants have reported their readiness before a program or internal triggers are executed. The synchronization check can be enabled by using the following node: /DEV…​/QACHANNELS/n/SYNCHRONIZATION/ENABLE.

  • QA Channels: Fixed a bug in which the spectroscopy delay node /DEV…​/QACHANNELS/n/SPECTROSCOPY/DELAY didn’t accept 0 ns after it was set to 4 ns.

  • SG Channels: Updated the default values of trigger input settings to better reflect typical usage. New default values are as follows: Trigger level is now 1 V by default (calibration can lead to values slightly different than 1.0 V), trigger slope detection is now the rising edge by default.

  • SG Channels: Introduced the /DEV…​/SGCHANNELS/n/SYNCHRONIZATION/ENABLE, /DEV…​/SYSTEM/SYNCHRONIZATION/SOURCE, and /DEV…​/SYSTEM/INTERNALTRIGGER/SYNCHRONIZATION/ENABLE nodes to make it possible to keep waveform playback synchronized across a full QCCS setup, even in the presence of non-deterministic data transfer times.

  • SG Channels: Deprecated the digital mixer reset functionality.

  • Manual: Added a section on how to use the synchronization check in the AWG Tab.

  • Manual: Added tips to the Basic Waveform Generation Tutorial on how to achieve phase reproducibility in the LF path by using appropriate center frequency and trigger holdoff time settings.

  • LabOne: Improved labeling of Trigger settings in the SG AWG, QA Generator, and DIO tabs of the LabOne UI to more clearly mark how a trigger input source corresponds to the front panel input of an SG or QA channel.

Release 23.02

Release date: 28-Feb-2023

  • SG Channels: Extended functionality of resetOscPhase to able to reset the phase of the digital mixer (e.g. to enable reproducible phase setting when using the LF path).

  • SG Channels: Added ability for internal feedback to use multi-state discrimination data to enable reset of multi-level systems.

  • QA Channels: Added power-spectral-density (PSD) measurement capability to the spectroscopy mode. The PSD measurement gets controlled via the node tree branch /DEV…​/QACHANNELS/n/SPECTROSCOPY/PSD.

  • QA Channels: Added node /DEV…​/QACHANNELS/n/INPUT/ADCOVERRANGECOUNT, allowing users to independently monitor ADC overrange conditions.

  • Manual: Improved UI documentation. Added additional documentation on usage of internal feedback, playZero, and playHold.

  • SG Channels: Improved efficiency of playZero and playHold to use fewer assembly instructions.

  • SG Channels: Improved timing jitter of Output when triggering an SG channel over ZSync.

  • LabOne: Improved support for alternative hardware components.

  • LabOne: Added ability for the device to prevent LabOne changes that are incompatible with the device hardware.

  • Outputs: Improved alignment between SG and QA channel outputs when triggered by the Internal Trigger.

  • Scope: Fixed a bug that caused a wrong effective scope delay at startup.

  • Outputs: Fixed a bug that caused overrange conditions during the ADC calibration at startup.

  • ZSYNC/DIO: Fixed a bug that caused the DIO interface to behave wrongly when switching between LVCMOS and LVDS outputs in non-manual mode.

  • LabOne: Fixed the value of legacy node /DEV…​/CLOCKBASE for SHF devices. To have always the correct value, use the device node /DEV…​/SYSTEM/PROPERTIES/TIMEBASE instead.

Release 22.08

Release date: 31-Aug-2022

  • LabOne: Added support for the SHFQC Qubit Controller, including full support in the LabOne UI.

  • SG Channel: Added new SG-channel sequencer command getFeedback that can retrieve ZSync data or qubit data from the QA channel.

  • SG Channel: Added ability of executeTableEntry to use variable arguments corresponding to qubit data received over ZSync or from the QA channel.

  • SG Channel: Fixed a bug in which the command table always required a waveform to make parameter changes.

  • SG Channel: Added support for 16 sample waveforms with the command table.

  • SG Channel: Added a new sequencer command playHold to allow the AWG to hold waveform and marker data for a specified number of samples.

  • SG Channel: Improved the speed with which the SG channel AWGs can be enabled.

  • QA Channel: Improved the maximal repetition rate, with which the QA readout can be started without missing triggers to 1/(440 ns).

  • QA Channel: Fixed a bug, where the error "The sigin ADC reported unexpected dataconverter errors!" was issued during an over range condition at the QA channel inputs.

  • ZSync/DIO: Added an internal trigger unit that allows the SG and QA channels to be synchronized with each other.

  • ZSync/DIO: /DEV…​/DIOS/0/MODE node changed keyword arguments to enable control of DIO values by the sequencer from chanNseq or channelN_sequencer to sgchanNseq or sgchannelN_sequencer for the SG channels and qachanNseq or qachannelN_sequencer for the QA channel.

  • ZSync/DIO: /DEV…​/SGCHANNELS/n/AWG/ELF/DATA node accepts raw data as 8-, 16-, and 64-bit integer vectors in addition to 32-bit words.

  • ZSync/DIO: /DEV…​/QACHANNELS/0/GENERATOR/ELF/DATA node accepts raw data as 8-, 16-, and 64-bit integer vectors in addition to 32-bit words.

Release 22.02

Release date: 01-Apr-2022


  • Initial release of the SHFQC user manual.