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Change Log

Release 24.04

Release date: 30-Apr-2024

  • Official support of the SHFQC+ instrument, including updated documentation
  • SHFQC+: Added Output Muting functionality to SG and QA channels, available through LabOne Q
  • SG and QA Channels: Outputs of RF and LF paths are now aligned by default.
  • QA Channel: Added RF/LF Interlock to the In/Out Tab
  • QA Channel: Changed the default integration delay to 212ns in both Spectroscopy and Readout mode.
  • QA Channel: Changed the minimum integration delay to 8ns in Readout mode.
  • Improved the optimization pass of the AWG compiler that removes unused registers.
  • Support for sequencer command setRate has been removed.
  • Support for sequencer command waitTrigger has been removed, use waitDigTrigger instead.

Release 24.01

Release date: 31-Jan-2024

  • SG Channels: Extended the GUI for the Output Router and Adder to show how and where different settings are applied in the signal chain for each SG channel.
  • QA Channel: Added hold-off error count clear and job index nodes for readout and spectroscopy respectively: /DEV.../QACHANNELS/0/READOUT/RESULT/ERROR/CLEAR, /DEV.../QACHANNELS/0/SPECTROSCOPY/RESULT/ERROR/CLEAR, /DEV.../QACHANNELS/0/READOUT/RESULT/ERROR/JOBIDX, and /DEV.../QACHANNELS/0/SPECTROSCOPY/RESULT/ERROR/JOBIDX.
  • SeqC command setDIO now has constant latency, no matter its arguments.

Release 23.10

Release date: 31-Oct-2023

  • SG Channels: Introduced the Output Router and Adder option to enable flexible routing of digital signals between analog outputs.
  • SG Channels: Added amplitude registers to the command table to allow independent sweeping or changing of multiple sets of amplitudes.
  • QA Channel: Added a second trigger output for the QA Sequencer.
  • Added automatic fallback to a link-local IP address in case no DHCP server could be found.
  • Added Ethernet-over-USB support on the USB (not maintenance) interface.
  • Improved ZSync support for multi-state discrimination: ZSync bits assigned to constant values or results of qudits not present in the integrator mask of the startQA command are no longer forwarded via the PQSC. Furthermore, changed the default value of the node /DEV.../QACHANNELS/n/READOUT/MULTISTATE/ZSYNC/PACKED to be true.
  • The holdoff time of the Internal Trigger must now be a multiple of 100 ns, to improve consistency with the PQSC and ensure phase reproducibility when using the LF path.
  • SG Channels: The center frequency when using the LF path must now be a multiple of 100 MHz, to ensure phase reproducibility when using the LF path.
  • SG Channels: Fixed a minor floating point rounding artifact such that the default marker delay is now correctly displayed as 0s.
  • Introduced a new high-performance data-server kernel. It improves reliability and performances of communication with the instrument.

Release 23.06

Release date: 30-Jun-2023

  • General: Added ability to reset all node settings to preset values by writing to /DEV…​/SYSTEM/PRESET/LOAD node. The nodes /DEV…​/SYSTEM/PRESET/BUSY and /DEV…​/SYSTEM/PRESET/ERROR allow for monitoring of the preset status.
  • QA Channels: Added switchable signal paths: the RF (0.5 - 8.5 GHz) path and LF (DC - 800 MHz) path. Added nodes for switching between RF and LF paths of the QA channel input and output, respectively, as
    /DEV…​/QACHANNELS/n/INPUT/RFLFPATH and /DEV…​/QACHANNELS/n/OUTPUT/RFLFPATH. Furthermore, the node /DEV…​/QACHANNELS/n/OUTPUT/RFLFINTERLOCK allows the interlock to be enabled, such that the RF/LF path setting of the output is always configured to match that of the input.
  • QA Channels: Cleaned up marker source selection by removing non-functional source settings for the node /DEV…​/QACHANNELS/n/MARKERS/m/SOURCE, namely "Channel 2, Sequencer Trigger Output" and "Channel 2, Readout done" selection options.
  • QA Channels: Fixed a sequencer bug in which playZero commands were sometimes skipped when multiple successive playZero commands were used with large sample counts (e.g. 131056).
  • QA Channels: Added an optional synchronization check which ensures that all participants have reported their readiness before a program or internal triggers are executed. The synchronization check can be enabled by using the following node: /DEV…​/QACHANNELS/n/SYNCHRONIZATION/ENABLE.
  • QA Channels: Fixed a bug in which the spectroscopy delay node /DEV…​/QACHANNELS/n/SPECTROSCOPY/DELAY didn’t accept 0 ns after it was set to 4 ns.
  • SG Channels: Updated the default values of trigger input settings to better reflect typical usage. New default values are as follows: Trigger level is now 1 V by default (calibration can lead to values slightly different than 1.0 V), trigger slope detection is now the rising edge by default.
  • SG Channels: Introduced the /DEV…​/SGCHANNELS/n/SYNCHRONIZATION/ENABLE, /DEV…​/SYSTEM/SYNCHRONIZATION/SOURCE, and /DEV…​/SYSTEM/INTERNALTRIGGER/SYNCHRONIZATION/ENABLE nodes to make it possible to keep waveform playback synchronized across a full QCCS setup, even in the presence of non-deterministic data transfer times.
  • SG Channels: Deprecated the digital mixer reset functionality.
  • Manual: Added a section on how to use the synchronization check in the AWG Tab.
  • Manual: Added tips to the Basic Waveform Generation Tutorial on how to achieve phase reproducibility in the LF path by using appropriate center frequency and trigger holdoff time settings.
  • LabOne: Improved labeling of Trigger settings in the SG AWG, QA Generator, and DIO tabs of the LabOne UI to more clearly mark how a trigger input source corresponds to the front panel input of an SG or QA channel.

Release 23.02

Release date: 28-Feb-2023

  • SG Channels: Extended functionality of resetOscPhase to able to reset the phase of the digital mixer (e.g. to enable reproducible phase setting when using the LF path).
  • SG Channels: Added ability for internal feedback to use multi-state discrimination data to enable reset of multi-level systems.
  • QA Channels: Added power-spectral-density (PSD) measurement capability to the spectroscopy mode. The PSD measurement gets controlled via the node tree branch /DEV…​/QACHANNELS/n/SPECTROSCOPY/PSD.
  • QA Channels: Added node /DEV…​/QACHANNELS/n/INPUT/ADCOVERRANGECOUNT, allowing users to independently monitor ADC overrange conditions.
  • Manual: Improved UI documentation. Added additional documentation on usage of internal feedback, playZero, and playHold.
  • SG Channels: Improved efficiency of playZero and playHold to use fewer assembly instructions.
  • SG Channels: Improved timing jitter of Output when triggering an SG channel over ZSync.
  • LabOne: Improved support for alternative hardware components.
  • LabOne: Added ability for the device to prevent LabOne changes that are incompatible with the device hardware.
  • Outputs: Improved alignment between SG and QA channel outputs when triggered by the Internal Trigger.
  • Scope: Fixed a bug that caused a wrong effective scope delay at startup.
  • Outputs: Fixed a bug that caused overrange conditions during the ADC calibration at startup.
  • ZSYNC/DIO: Fixed a bug that caused the DIO interface to behave wrongly when switching between LVCMOS and LVDS outputs in non-manual mode.
  • LabOne: Fixed the value of legacy node /DEV…​/CLOCKBASE for SHF devices. To have always the correct value, use the device node /DEV…​/SYSTEM/PROPERTIES/TIMEBASE instead.

Release 22.08

Release date: 31-Aug-2022

  • LabOne: Added support for the SHFQC Qubit Controller, including full support in the LabOne UI.
  • SG Channel: Added new SG-channel sequencer command getFeedback that can retrieve ZSync data or qubit data from the QA channel.
  • SG Channel: Added ability of executeTableEntry to use variable arguments corresponding to qubit data received over ZSync or from the QA channel.
  • SG Channel: Fixed a bug in which the command table always required a waveform to make parameter changes.
  • SG Channel: Added support for 16 sample waveforms with the command table.
  • SG Channel: Added a new sequencer command playHold to allow the AWG to hold waveform and marker data for a specified number of samples.
  • SG Channel: Improved the speed with which the SG channel AWGs can be enabled.
  • QA Channel: Improved the maximal repetition rate, with which the QA readout can be started without missing triggers to 1/(440 ns).
  • QA Channel: Fixed a bug, where the error "The sigin ADC reported unexpected dataconverter errors!" was issued during an over range condition at the QA channel inputs.
  • ZSync/DIO: Added an internal trigger unit that allows the SG and QA channels to be synchronized with each other.
  • ZSync/DIO: /DEV…​/DIOS/0/MODE node changed keyword arguments to enable control of DIO values by the sequencer from chanNseq or channelN_sequencer to sgchanNseq or sgchannelN_sequencer for the SG channels and qachanNseq or qachannelN_sequencer for the QA channel.
  • ZSync/DIO: /DEV…​/SGCHANNELS/n/AWG/ELF/DATA node accepts raw data as 8-, 16-, and 64-bit integer vectors in addition to 32-bit words.
  • ZSync/DIO: /DEV…​/QACHANNELS/0/GENERATOR/ELF/DATA node accepts raw data as 8-, 16-, and 64-bit integer vectors in addition to 32-bit words.

Release date: 01-Apr-2022


  • Initial release of the SHFQC user manual.