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HDIQ IQ Modulator

This chapter contains product overview and specifications of the HDIQ IQ Modulator, which is an accessory of the HDAWG. This document is distributed as part of the HDAWG User Manual. A hard copy of this chapter is delivered with the instrument upon delivery.

The content of the chapter starts with the revision history, and continues with sections including the declaration of conformity, getting started, features, and specifications. The last section details several possible applications.

Revision History

There are 2 HDIQ variants:

  • Variant HDIQ DI: provides digital interface only (serial number < HDIQ-DEV14100).
  • Variant HDIQ ETH/DI: provides Ethernet and digital input interface (serial number >= HDIQ-DEV14100).

The I and Q inputs of the HDIQ ETH/DI variant have additional 10 dB attenuation compared to the HDIQ DI variant.