What’s New in the HF2 User Manual

Release 21.08

Release date: 31-Aug-2021

  • User Manual: HTML version available in LabOne user interface and online documentation.

  • LabOne Software: Support for GNU/Linux and macOS on ARM64 and Apple M1 processors.

Release 21.02

Release date: 28-Feb-2021

  • LabOne API: Added online Programming Manual and Documentation.

  • Sweeper: Simultaneous display of standard and X-Y plots to visualize Nyquist and Bode plots at the same time.

  • Sweeper: Improved rendering of sweeps with more than 2000 points.

Release 20.07

Release date: 20-Aug-2020

  • LabOne: Trends plots to track readings from the Math sub-tab over time.

  • LabOne: Device Information report in Device tab.

  • LabOne: Improved colormaps available for 2D plots.

  • PID Advisor: clamp maximum advised bandwidth to hardware limits to guard against instability.

Release 20.01

Release date: 28-Feb-2020

  • LabOne: added linear fit to the Math sub-tab of Sweeper and DAQ tabs.

  • LabOne: histogram data can be saved in CSV format.

  • LabOne: added option to display a normal or Rice distribution fit in Plotter tab.

  • LabOne: improved importing of saved SVG figures to main vector graphics editors.