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The HF2TA tab provides remote control over the HF2TA Current Amplifier which is available as an accessory to the HF2LI Lock-in amplifier. The HF2TA tab dynamically adapts its content depending on whether or not a HF2TA is connected to one of the ZCtrl connectors of the HF2LI.


  • Input offset +/- 10 V
  • Transimpedance gain from 100 V/A to 100 MV/A (R1, R2)
  • Input signal coupling mode (AC, DC)
  • Addition gain (1, 10)
  • Total gain display (R1*G, R2*G)
  • Input Shield (GND, EXT Bias)
  • Auxiliary output +/- 10 V


The HF2TA tab contains an interactive circuit diagram allowing the user to control the input settings, grounding, gain and offset of the preamplifier. Whenever the tab is closed or an additional one of the same type is needed, clicking the following icon will open a new instance of the tab.

Table 1: App Icon and short description
Control/Tool Option/Range Description
HF2TA Remote control of the HF2TA Current Amplifier.

The HF2TA tab contains two side-tabs corresponding to the two ZCtrl inputs of the HF2 instrument. Each side-tab is horizontally divided into three sections as shown in Figure 1. The two upper sections are identical and correspond to the two Signal Inputs of the HF2TA. The lowest section contains the setting of the Aux Output voltage of the HF2TA.

Figure 1: HF2TA tab

Detailed HF2TA specifications can be found in the HF2TA Current Amplifier Data Sheet.

Functional Elements

Table 2: HF2TA tab
Control/Tool Option/Range Description
Input Shield GND, Ext Bias Select the shield of Input 1 and 2 to be either grounded or biased by an external voltage
Offset (V) -10 mV to +10 mV Set the offset voltage applied to the current input.
R1 / R2 (V/A) 100, 1k, 10k, 100k, 1M, 10M, 100M Set the transimpedance gain of the amplifier
DC ON / OFF Switch between DC and AC coupling after the first amplification stage
G1 / G2 1, 10 Set the voltage gain of the second amplification stage
Aux Output -10 V to +10 V Set the auxiliary output voltage of the HF2TA