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Change Log

Release 24.04

Release date: 30-Apr-2024

  • In/Out:

    • Added fast output muting function for SHFQA+.
    • Added RF/LF Interlock in the In/Out Tab.
  • QA Setup:

    • Changed the default integration delay to 212 ns in both Spectroscopy and Readout mode.
  • Generator:

    • Improved the optimization pass of the AWG compiler that removes unused registers.
    • Support for sequencer command waitTrigger has been removed, use waitDigTrigger instead.

Release 24.01

Release date: 31-Jan-2024

  • QA Setup: Added LabOne UI feature for power spectral density measurement.

  • QA Result Logger

  • Generator:Added 2 sequence programs on the Example library.

  • DIO:Restricted setDIO with constant latency, no matter its arguments.

  • User Manual: Added LabOne UI tutorials

Release 23.10

Release date: 31-Oct-2023

  • Device

    • Feature: Added automatic fallback to a link-local IP address in case no DHCP server could be found.
    • Feature: Added Ethernet-over-USB support on the USB (not Maintenance) interface.
  • In/Out

    • Feature: Added RF/LF path switching feature and updated the block diagram when using LF path in In/Out GUI Tab.
  • QA Result Logger

    • Feature: Added result parameter settings and result display when using Spectroscopy mode in QA Result Logger GUI Tab.
    • Improved ZSync support for multi-state discrimination: ZSync bits assigned to constant values or results of qudits not present in the integrator mask of the startQA command are no longer forwarded via the PQSC. Furthermore, changed the default value of the node /DEV.../QACHANNELS/n/READOUT/MULTISTATE/ZSYNC/PACKED to true.
  • Generator

    • Feature: Added a second trigger output for the QA Sequencer.
  • Introduced a new high-performance data-server kernel. It improves reliability and performances of communication with the instrument.

  • DIO

    • The holdoff time of the Internal Trigger must now be a multiple of 100 ns, to improve consistency with the PQSC and ensure phase reproducibility when using the LF path.

Release 23.06

Release date: 30-Jun-2023

  • Device
    • Feature: Added option to load factory defaults in Device Tab.
  • In/Out
    • Feature: Added switchable signal path, RF (0.5 - 8.5 GHz) path and LF (DC - 800 MHz) path. Added nodes for switching between RF and LF paths of the QA channel input and output, respectively, as /DEV...​/QACHANNELS/n/INPUT/RFLFPATH (default is 1, RF path) and /DEV...​/QACHANNELS/n/OUTPUT/RFLFPATH (default is 1, RF path). Furthermore, the node /DEV...​/QACHANNELS/n/OUTPUT/RFLFINTERLOCK (default is 0, output RF/LF path is configured independently) allows to enable an interlock , where the RF/LF path setting of the output is always configured according to the one of the input.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where an over-range condition for the input and output channels was reported during ADC calibration (during startup).
  • QA Setup
    • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where the spectroscopy delay node /DEV...​/QACHANNELS/n/SPECTROSCOPY/DELAY didn’t accept 0 ns after it was set to 4 ns.
  • Generator
    • Feature: Added an optional synchronization check which ensures that all participants have reported their readiness before a program or internal triggers are executed.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a bug in the sequencer, where playZero commands got skipped when multiple successive playZero commands were used with large sample counts (e.g. 131056).

Release 23.02

Release date: 28-Feb-2023

  • In/Out
    • Node: Added node /DEV...​/QACHANNELS/n/INPUT/ADCOVERRANGECOUNT, allowing to separately monitor ADC overrange conditions.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a bug causing overrange conditions during the ADC calibration at startup.
  • QA Setup
    • Feature: Added power-spectral-density (PSD) measurement capability to the spectroscopy mode. The PSD measurement gets controlled via the node tree branch /DEV...​/QACHANNELS/n/SPECTROSCOPY/PSD.
    • API: Added a zhinst-toolkit example for PSD measurement in GitHub.
    • API: Added a parameter "wait_after_integration" in zhinst-utils ShfSweeper class, see Table 1 in the tutorial Continuous Resonator Spectroscopy.
    • API: Changed the default integration delay in zhinst-utils ShfSweeper class from 0 ns to 224 ns, see Table 1 in the tutorial Continuous Resonator Spectroscopy.
  • DIO
    • Feature: Added the internal trigger unit, which allows to generate a number of triggers with configurable hold-off time. The configuration is done via the nodes under /DEV...​/SYSTEM/INTERNALTRIGGER/ branch or the DIO tab in the GUI. The "Internal Trigger" can be selected as trigger source of the Scope, QA Readout Pulse Generator, and for Spectroscopy mode.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a bug causing broken DIO interface when switching between LVCMOS and LVDS outputs.
  • Scope: Fixed a bug causing a wrong effective scope trigger delay at startup.

Release 22.08

Release date: 31-Aug-2022

  • In/Out
    • LabOne GUI: Fixed a bug, where the error "The sigin ADC reported unexpected dataconverter errors!" was issued during an over range condition at the QA channel inputs.
    • LabOne GUI: Added overload status display of the Input signal from the front panel and the Output signal before DAC.
  • QA Setup: Added support for real-time multistate discrimination, accessible through the new node branch: /DEV...​/QACHANNELS/n/READOUT/MULTISTATE/. The feature allows to discriminate the states of up to 16 qubits, 8 qutrits or 5 ququads or of any combination of these in real-time through the command startQA in the sequencer.
  • QA Result: Improved the maximal repetition rate, with which the QA readout can be started without missing triggers to 1/(440 ns).
  • DIO: Changed keyword arguments of node /DEV...​/DIOS/0/MODE to enable control of DIO values by the sequencer from chanNseq or channelN_sequencer to qachanNseq or qachannelN_sequencer.
  • Generator
    • LabOne GUI: Added Waveform Viewer sub-tab to display waveforms of readout and integration weights or spectroscopy envelope.
    • LabOne GUI: Removed one trigger selection Sequencer n Trigger Out from the Trigger sub-tab of Sequencer n.
    • Node: Node /DEV...​/QACHANNELS/n/GENERATOR/ELF/DATA accepts raw data as 8-, 16-, and 64-bit integer vectors in addition to 32-bit words.
  • User Manual: Changed the LabOne API used in the Tutorial Session from Zurich Instruments Python to Zurich Instruments Toolkit.

Release 22.02

Release date: 28-Feb-2022

  • In/Out: Added 2 recommendations to the user manual, warm up the instrument with inputs and outputs are both enabled for 2 hours, and do not change center frequency or input range while running the Python API ShfSweeper class.
  • QA Setup:
    • LabOne GUI: Fixed a bug such that readout waveforms and integration weights can always be uploaded after clearing all memory slots even when there is no change. (patch release)
    • LabOne GUI: Fixed a bug such that readout waveform and integration weights are parametrically generated based on sampling rate of 2.0 GSa/s instead of 1.8 GSa/s. (patch release)
    • LabOne GUI: Added CSV envelope waveform upload feature in Pulse Spectroscopy mode.
    • LabOne GUI: Added new phase parameters for Parametric generation of readout and integration weight waveforms in Readout mode.
    • LabOne GUI: Added waveform vectors clearing feature in Readout mode.
    • Node tree: Added new node /DEV...​/QACHANNELS/n/READOUT/INTEGRATION/CLEARWEIGHT to clear all uploaded integration weight vectors.
  • QA Result:

    • LabOne GUI and API: Changed result vector of integration unit which was not triggered to "NaN" (Not a Number).
    • LabOne GUI and API: Fixed a bug such that the instrument can run continuously even result length of all channels are set to the maximum value. (patch release)
  • Scope:

    • LabOne GUI: Added Scope tab.
    • LabOne GUI and API: Added continuous mode. Scope gets automatically re-enabled after each acquired scope shot. The node /DEV...​/SCOPES/0/SINGLE is used to switch between continuous mode (0, default) and single-shot (1). In addition, if /DEV...​/SCOPES/0/TRIGGER/ENABLE is set to 0 (default), the scope gets automatically re-triggered.
    • LabOne API: Fixed the issue that samples were always scaled by the number of averages, even when the averaging was switched off.
  • DIO: LabOne GUI: Added Trigger and Marker sub-tabs.
  • Generator:
    • LabOne GUI: Added User Register.
    • LabOne GUI: Enabled Generator Sequencer Status display.
    • SeqC: Added commands resetOscPhase(), setUserReg(), getUserReg() configFreqSweep() and setSweepStep(). to the Sequencer.
    • SeqC: Enabled triggering of all individual integration units and its combination using the bit mask, for example by combining two constants "QA_INT_0 | QA_INT_1" using the bit-wise OR operator "|".
    • Node tree: Added new node /DEV...​/QACHANNELS/n/GENERATOR/CLEARWAVE to clear all uploaded readout waveform vectors.
    • Corrected rounding of uploaded waveform samples. This will make a change of the signal output by 1 least-significant bit, corresponding to a fraction \(2^{-17}\) of the full scale amplitude.
  • ShfSweeper Python class: LabOne API: Updated the ShfSweeper Python class in zhinst.utils.shf_sweeper to use the fast sequencer-based sweep by default. Users can set the use_sequencer attribute in the SweepConfig to False to return to the previous host-based approach.

Release 21.08

Release date: 27-Aug-2021

  • Sweeper: Added a feature to realize pulsed spectroscopy.
  • DIO: Enabled full DIO support. Added new node /DEV...​/DIOS/0/MODE to select mode, and introduced the following SeqC commands: setDIO(), getDIO(), waitDIOTrigger(), and getDIOTriggered().
  • Sequencer: Modified the behaviour of the startQA() SeqC command: The "trigger" argument now controls the trigger signal instead of the marker output.
  • Firmware Update: Firmware can now be updated via USB.
  • User Manual: Added tutorials for spectroscopy and qubit readout measurement.
  • LabOne GUI: Added Readout Pulse Generator Sequencer tab.
  • LabOne GUI: Added Quantum Analyzer Result Logger tab.
  • LabOne API: Moved Python API examples to GitHub,
  • LabOne API: Added EnvelopeConfig in zhinst.utils.shf_sweeper for configuring the envelope for pulsed spectroscopy.
  • LabOne API: Renamed pointwise to sequential, sweepwise to cyclic, dwell_time to integration_time and num_samples to num_averages in zhinst.utils.shf_sweeper.
  • Added new nodes to select either "cyclic" or "sequential" averaging of results: /DEV...​/QACHANNELS/n/READOUT/RESULT/MODE and /DEV...​/QACHANNELS/n/SPECTROSCOPY/RESULT/MODE.
  • LabOne API: Added a new node /DEV...​/SCOPES/0/SINGLE to switch between single-shot and continuous mode, only single-shot is available in this release (patch release).
  • LabOne API: Added new nodes /DEV...​/QACHANNELS/n/SPECTROSCOPY/ENVELOPE/ branch to enable multiplication of the oscillator signal with a complex envelope for pulsed spectroscopy.
  • LabOne API: Renamed /DEV...​/SYSTEM/SWTRIGGER/ branch to /DEV...​/SYSTEM/SWTRIGGERS/
  • LabOne API: Removed the node /DEV...​/QACHANNELS/n/READOUT/RESULT/RESET. Instead, a running measurement can now be stopped by writing 0 to the node /DEV...​/QACHANNELS/n/READOUT/RESULT/ENABLE.

Release 21.02

Release date: 28-Feb-2021

  • Initial release of SHFQA user manual.