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Structure of the ResultsΒΆ

Here, we give detail on the structure of the Results object. For an even more in-depth look, the public API documentation is recommended.

The DeviceSetup and its Calibration are available through

device_setup = my_results.device_setup
device_calibration = my_results.device_calibration

Similarly, the defined Experiment, its associated Calibration and the SignalMap mapping experimental to logical signal lines can be accessed through

experiment = my_results.experiment
experiment_calibration = my_results.experiment_calibration
signal_map = my_results.signal_map

The CompiledExperiment produced from the Experiment and executed on the instruments as well as the optional simulation of output signals are available through

compiled_experiment = my_results.compiled_experiment
output_signals = my_results.compiled_experiment.output_signals

Most importantly, the measured results are available by calling

acquired_results = my_results.acquired_results

This is a dictionary of AcquiredResult objects indexed by the acquire handles. See the next section for more detail on the structure of the data and how to process it further.

Finally, in the case that user defined callback functions executed at near-time were part of the experiment, their return values can be accessed through the dictionary returned by

neartime_callback_results = my_results.neartime_callback_results

where the dictionary keys are the names under which the near-time callback have been registered in the session.