The Zurich Instruments PQSC Programmable Quantum System Controller brings together the instrumentation required for quantum computers with up to 100 qubits. Its ZSync low-latency, real-time communication links are designed specifically for quantum computing: the PQSC overcomes the practical limitations of traditional control methods, making automated and rapid qubit calibration routines a reality. Programming access to the powerful Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGA is the basis for developing new and optimized processing solutions for rapid tune-up and error correction adapted to the specific algorithm and computer architecture in use.

Please refer to the user manual for an in-depth explanation of all features.

Like every device the device specific settings and data is organized in a path like structure called the node tree. zhinst-toolkit provides a pythonic way of interacting with this node tree. For more information about all functionalities and usage of the node tree in toolkit refer to the dedicated section.

zhinst-toolkit offers the following helper functions for the PQSC:

Helper Function



Prepare PQSC for triggering the instruments.


Start sending out triggers.


Arm the PQSC and start sending out triggers.


Stop the trigger generation.


Wait until trigger generation and feedback processing is done.


Check if reference clock is locked successfully.


Check if the ZSync connection on the given port is successful.