zhinst-toolkit Changelog#

Version 0.6.3#

  • Adapt write_integration_weights function in the readout module to be callable within transactions.

Version 0.6.2#

  • The function enable_qccs_mode of the HDAWG driver now accept an optional argument to select the QCCS generation. It’s advised to set it to 2 (gen2) when the HDAWG is operated with PQSC together with SHF instruments, and set it to 1 (gen1) when the HDAWG is operated with PQSC together with UHFQA instruments.

  • Improved CommandTable performance when CommandTable.active_validation is disabled.

  • Added CommandTable.is_valid() method to check validity of the command table.

  • Added py.typed type information marker file.

  • Add command table property to the sequencer class to have a simple way to store them together.

Version 0.6.1#

  • Deep gets on nodes with keywords returns an enum like the regular get.

  • Fix rare failures of wait_for_state_change function that resulted in early timeouts.

  • All keywords on nodes are correctly supported, and not only the first one for each option.

  • Function wait_for_state_change now supports strings and enums for keywords nodes.

  • Fix #252. ListNodes now also supports numpy integer types as index argument.

  • The function check_zsync_connection of PQSC now raise an error if the port is in a faulty state, instead of return False.

Version 0.6.0#

  • Revert full support of fnmatch wildcards and instead use the LabOne wildcard support. This means only * symbols are supported. A * in the middle of the path matches everything instead of a /. A * at the end of the path matches everything.

  • Fix problem of garbage collection daq sessions. The problem was caused due to using lru caches for instance methods. The usage of lru cache has now been bypassed or replaced with the functools.cached_property decorator (which is currently copied to ensure support for python 3.7).

  • device.factory_reset now raises an exception if the factory reset was not successful (#243).

  • Fixed issue where calling a Node with dir() returned duplicate values on some nodes.

  • Factory preset is now available for SHFSG, SHFQA, SHFQA devices (#249).

Version 0.5.3#

  • Add internal trigger to SHFQA sweeper class.

Version 0.5.2#

  • Add SHFQA / SHFQC Power Spectral Density (PSD) node and example

Version 0.5.1#

  • Added full support for the following LabOne modules (no need to fallback to zhinst.core):

    • Impedance Module

    • Precompensation Advisor Module

  • Introduced new base exception class zhinst.toolkit.exceptions.ToolkitError, deriving from RuntimeError.

    • Changed some RuntimeError exceptions to ToolkitError.

  • Added find_zsync_worker_port() to PQSC device class. The function can be used to find the ID of the PQSC ZSync port connected to a given device.

  • Added session property to BaseInstrument. This enables getting the given Session from the instrument.

  • Changed SHFQA node qachannels/*/oscs/0/freq value range from (-500e6 Hz, 500e6 Hz) to (-1e9 Hz, 1e9 Hz). Out-of-range values now rounds to (-1e9 Hz, 1e9 Hz). The functionality is changed to be consistent with LabOne UI.

  • Improved verbosity of the error message when invalid attributes of CommandTable.header and CommandTable.table are used.

  • Fix issue with downloading waveforms from the device. This issue prevented indexes larger than 9 to be read from the device.

Version 0.5.0#

  • Added full support for the following LabOne modules (no need to fallback to zhinst.core):

    • Scope Module

    • Sweeper Module

    • DAQ Module

  • Renamed zhinst.toolkit.nodetree.node.WildcardResult to zhinst.toolkit.nodetree.helpers.NodeDict

  • Added active_validation argument to CommandTable. By disabling it, CommandTable does not actively validate the inputs and therefore it improves the speed for command table creation.

  • Adapt awg.enable_sequencer to check the acknowledged value instead of using wait_for_state_change. This makes it much more stable when used with short sequences.

  • Fix issue with downloading waveforms from the device. This issue prevented reading waveforms from any other than the base channel.

  • Normalize the zhinst-core dependency version.

  • Update SHFQA Sweeper to expose new properties through nodes (predicted_cycle_time, actual_hold_off_time, actual_settling_time)

  • Tested against Python 3.11

Version 0.4.3#

  • Fix issue that prevented correct compilation of sequences for AWG cores other than the first one.

Version 0.4.2#

  • Embed multistate utils for the SHFQA into the node tree

    • shfqa.qachannels[n].readout.multistate.qudits[m].configure(settings)

    • shfqa.qachannels[n].readout.multistate.get_qudits_results()

  • Added new example for the multistate discrimination (shfqa_multistate_discrimination) for the SHFQA

  • Fixed issue #181 (Wrong _device_type of awg node of UHFQA/UHFLI) which prevented the compilation of sequences.

  • Waveform validation moved from the write_to_waveform_memory into Waveforms.validate

  • Command Table $schema key removed from the output of CommandTable.as_dict function

  • Command Table validation changed to disabled by default

  • Command Table upload check disabled when called within a transaction.

  • New dependency pyelftools for extracting waveform information from a complied sequencer code.

  • Interface auto detection adapted to support none, which was introduced with LabOne 22.08

Version 0.4.1#

  • For all LabOne modules forward the execute function from the zhinst-core in zhinst-toolkit

Version 0.4.0#

  • Add new class zhinst.toolkit.Sequence that allows a more flexible use of sequences in toolkit (#141).

  • Add support for session wide transactions that bundle set command from all devices connected to the data server. (#134)

  • Add from_existing_connection() to zhinst.toolkit.Session to help reusing the existing DataServer connection.

  • Bugfix: Nodes with nameless options don’t raise an exception when their enum attribute is called (#165).

  • Bugfix: Values of enumerated nodes can now be pickled (#129).

  • Bugfix: SHFScope run() and stop() shows specified timeout value when TimeoutError is raised.

  • Bugfix: Allow capital letters in node paths. (#173).

  • Adapt toolkit to use the offline awg compiler when uploading a sequencer code to a awg node. Improves the performance a lot and also enables the uploading of a sequencer code within a transaction (Works both for AWGs and Generators).

  • Add new function compile_sequencer_code to the awg node.

Version 0.3.5#

  • Adapt AWG Waveform upload (write_to_waveform_memory) to append to existing transactions.

  • Make consistency validate during waveform upload optional (new flag validate in write_to_waveform_memory).

  • Add get_sequence_snippet function to zhinst.toolkit.Waveforms class. The function is able to generated a sequence code snippet that defines and assigns the waveforms for this object. Additional meta information like an optional name or the output configuration can be specified through a newly added Wave class from zhinst.toolkit.Waveforms.

  • Getting a value by calling a wildcard node now returns zhinst.toolkit.nodetree.node.WildcardResult

Version 0.3.4#

  • Commandtable.load_validation_schema can also get the command table JSON schema from the device.

  • load_sequencer_program now raises an ValueError if empty sequencer_program string is given. #138

  • Added a new raise_for_invalid_node keyword-argument to NodeTree.update_nodes. #110

    Now only a warning (instead of KeyError) is issued when trying to initialize device/module object, which does not have nodes defined in node value parsers.

  • Minor type hint fixes. #147

Version 0.3.3#

  • Added support for SHFQC

Version 0.3.2#

  • Added a helper function uhfqa.qas[n].integration.write_integration_weights for QAS integration weights configuration

  • Bugfix: Adapt Node Tree to be able to get daq result data #113

  • Bugfix: in the Waveform class to be able to convert a single waveform into a complex waveform.

  • Bugfix: HF2 PID nodes are available.

Version 0.3.1#

  • Add missing nodes setting for QCCS mode #108

  • pqsc.check_zsync_connection blocks even if nothing is connected

  • Create a temporary awg module every time a sequencer code is uploaded (The reason for it is to have de defined state) #104

  • reintroduce uhfqa.qa_delay function

  • uhfli/uhfqa return node object for uhfli.awg instead of raising an error (necessary for qcodes drivers) #102

  • hdawg.enable_qccs_mode wrong reference clock source fixed

  • Small docstring corrections

Version 0.3#

  • Redesign and complete refactoring of zhinst-toolkit

    • Lazy node tree to improve setup times

    • Switch to session based approach (no longer device based)

    • Command table handling improved

    • Waveform handling improved

    • Removed automated sequencer code generation

    • Added LabOne modules

  • Improved testing with mocking

Version 0.2.4#

  • Adapt modulation frequency range to +-1GHz (shfsg.sgchannels[i].modulation_freq, shfqa.qachannels[i].sweeper.oscillator_freq)

  • Bugfix: DAQ module timeout exception raises AttributeError

Version 0.2.3#

  • Make the command table validation optional

Version 0.2.2#

  • SHFQA Adapt oscillator_freq to +-500e6 Hz

  • Initial support for SHFSG

  • Make Node Tree generation case insensitive

Version 0.2.1#

  • Bugfix #86

Version 0.2.0#

  • Python 3.8 support

  • General

    • Add sync function used as hdawg.sync() to perform global synchronization

    • Add support for syncSet

    • Add support for setVector

    • Add support for loading factory presets

    • General documentation improvements

  • AWG Core

    • Update sequencer commands

    • Update triggering in predefined sequences

    • Update sequencer programs


    • Add qa_delay, allowed_sequences , allowed_trigger_modes parameter

    • Add support for PQSC

    • Add scope module


    • Add allowed_sequences , allowed_trigger_modes parameter

    • Add support for PQSC

    • Add command table support

  • Add PQSC driver

  • Add SHFQA driver

Version 0.1.5#

  • fix error when the device serial is uppercase

Version 0.1.4#

  • fix busy error on AWG program upload

Version 0.1.3#

  • extend AWG upload timeout to 100 s

Version 0.1.2#

  • add type hints

  • more documentation

Version 0.1.1#

  • more documentation

  • minor fixes and additions

Version 0.1.0#

  • Initial release