The Zurich Instruments HDAWG multi-channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator has the highest channel density available in its class, and is designed for advanced signal generation up to 750 MHz bandwidth. The HDAWG comes with either 4 or 8 DC-coupled, single-ended analog output channels with 16-bit vertical resolution. Output switching is supported between a direct mode with maximized bandwidth and superior noise performance and an amplified mode that boosts the signal amplitude to a maximum of 5 Vpp.

Please refer to the user manual for an in-depth explanation of all features.

Like every device, the device specific settings and data is organized in a path like structure called the node tree. zhinst-toolkit provides a pythonic way of interacting with this node tree. For more information about all functionalities and usage of the node tree in toolkit refer to the dedicated section section.

zhinst-toolkit offers the following helper functions for the HDAWG:

Helper Function



Configure the instrument to work with PQSC. This method sets the reference clock source to connect the instrument to the PQSC.

In addition to the above mentioned helper function the HDAWG also supports the common AWG functionalities.

The following examples give a brief overview of how the HDAWG can be used in zhinst-toolkit.