What’s New in the SHFSG User Manual

Release 22.02

Release date: 28-Feb-2022


  • Manual: Added new tutorials to the User Manual: Basic Sine Generation, Basic Waveform Playback, Triggering and Synchronization, Digital Modulation, Using the Python API, and Pulse-level Sequencing with the Command Table.

  • Manual: Added LabOne UI descriptions for the Digital Modulation and DIO Tabs to the User Manual.

  • AWG: Added support for fast sequencer-based IF sweeps via the SeqC commands configFreqSweep(), setSweepStep(), and setOscFreq().

  • AWG: Added support for conditional triggering over DIO via SeqC commands: setDIO(), getDIO(), waitDIOTrigger(), getDIOTriggered(), playWaveDIO().

  • AWG: Improved playWaveZSync() and getZSyncData() SeqC commands for fast feedback with PQSC.

  • AWG: Added ability for each sequencer to read data from either ZSync or DIO.

  • AWG: Added a built-in waiting time of wait(3) to the resetOscPhase() command, to prevent the oscillator from resetting during waveform playback.

  • AWG: Added support for waitSineOscPhase() SeqC command.

  • AWG: Fixed bug in which using too many triggers back to back would cause unpredictable waveform playback.

  • LabOne: Added support for the SHFSG in zhinst-deviceutils in the Python API, to improve user programming experience.

  • LabOne: Improved QCoDeS and Labber drivers and zhinst-toolkit to offer support of the SHFSG.

  • LabOne: Added low-frequency path control to the Output Tab in the LabOne UI. Updated documentation in the User Manual accordingly.

  • Outputs: Added ability to set the center frequency when using the low-frequency path. Accepted values: 0 - 2 GHz.

  • Outputs: Marker and trigger outputs adjusted to be aligned with the RF output by default.

  • Outputs: Default values of sine generator, AWG gain settings, and command table amplitude settings updated to automatically generate the upper sideband.

  • Outputs: Replaced the two AWG output amplitude settings with a single global amplitude setting. Default value is 0.5 to prevent saturating the DAC.

  • ZSync/DIO: Improved ZSync link stability.

  • ZSync/DIO: Fixed bug in which DIO outputs could not be set properly.

  • ZSync/DIO: Added the Real-Time Logger that logs history of incoming ZSync and DIO messages at /DEV*/SGCHANNELS/*/AWG/RTLOGGER/

Release 21.08

Release date: 31-Aug-2021


  • Initial release of SHFSG user manual.