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Inspect the Package ContentsΒΆ

If the shipping container appears to be damaged, keep the container until you have inspected the contents of the shipment and have performed basic functional tests.

Please verify:

  • You have received 1 Zurich Instruments PQSC Instrument
  • You have received 1 power cord with a power plug suited to your country
  • You have received 1 USB 3.0 cable and/or 1 LAN cable (category 5/6 required)
  • You have received a printed version of the "Getting Started" section
  • The "Next Calibration" sticker on the rear panel of the Instrument indicates approximately 2 years ahead in time. Zurich Instruments recommends calibration intervals of 2 years
  • The MAC address of the instrument is displayed on a sticker on the back panel
Table 1: Package contents for the PQSC
the power cord (e.g. EU norm)
the USB 3.0 cable
the power inlet, with power switch
the LAN / Ethernet cable (category 5/6 required)
the "Next Calibration" sticker on the back panel of the instrument
the MAC address sticker on the back panel of the instrument

The PQSC Instrument is equipped with a multi-mains switched power supply, and therefore can be connected to most power systems in the world.

Carefully inspect your instrument. If there is mechanical damage or the instrument does not pass the basic tests, then you should immediately notify the Zurich Instruments support team at