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Ports Tab

The Ports tab provides control and displays the status of the 18 ZSync ports. It is available on all PQSC instruments.


  • Display the state of the complete system at first glance
  • Display port synchronization of all 18 ZSync ports
  • Provide user-given names to connected instruments
  • Control of triggers that are sent to the connected instruments


Table 1: App icon and short description
Control/Tool Option/Range Description
Ports Control and status display of the 18 ZSync ports.

The Ports tab (see LabOne UI: Ports tab) is divided into two sections: The ZSync ports and two sub-tabs for Control and Trigger.

Figure 1: LabOne UI: Ports tab

The PQSC is always used in conjunction with other Zurich Instruments devices in a larger system, e.g. a Quantum Computing Control System (QCCS). The purpose of the Ports tab is to allow the user to understand the current state of the complete system at first glance. The main elements are the 18 ports, where the user can see information about the status and health of each connection, can provide a name to the connected instrument and can reset the connection. Furthermore the user can start the sending of the triggers and control the repetitions and the holdoff of the triggers.

Note: When using the PQSC together with HDAWGs, the user has to set up the connected HDAWG correctly to use the trigger information that it receives from the PQSC. Please refer to the multi-HDAWG synchronization tutorial in Synchronization of multiple HDAWGs for more details.

Functional Elements

Table 2: Ports tab
Control/Tool Option/Range Description
Connection Status off/blue/yellow/red Indicates the availability of the instrument connected to the port. Off: no Instrument detected. Yellow: connection to an instrument is in progress. Blue: connection to an instrument is ready or data is being sent to / received from an instrument. Red: an error has occurred on the connection to an instrument.
Serial The device ID of the instrument connected to this port.
Device Type The device type of the instrument connected to this port.
Alias User-given name to the instrument connected to this port.
Run/Stop Starts sending triggers to all connected instruments over ZSync ports.
Repetitions Sets the number of triggers sent over ZSync ports.
Holdoff time in seconds Sets the time between repeated triggers sent over ZSync ports.
Progress 0% to 100% The percentage of repeated triggers sent over ZSync ports.
Synchronization Enable synchronization. Trigger generation will only start once all workers have reported a ready status. Synchronization checks will be repeated with the same trigger generation settings (holdoff and repetitions) until synchronization is disabled.
Enable ON / OFF Enable Trigger Out connector.
Source Select the source for the Trigger Out connector.
Start Triggers Generate a trigger when a trigger is sent over the selected ZSync port.
Feedback Generate a trigger when the PQSC sends feedback on the ZSync port.
Port Select the ZSync port associated with the Trigger Out source.
Pulse Width Time in seconds Defines the minimal pulse width of the Trigger Out.