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The tutorials in this chapter have been created to allow users to become more familiar with the basic technique of lock-in amplification, with the features and operations of the GHFLI Lock-in Amplifier, with the LabOne user interface, as well as with some more advanced lock-in measurement techniques. To successfully carry out the tutorials, users are required to have certain laboratory equipment and basic equipment handling knowledge. The equipment list is given below.


For all tutorials, you must have LabOne installed as described in the Getting Started.

  • 1 USB 3.0 cable or 1 LAN cable (supplied with your GHFLI Lock-in Amplifier)
  • 3 SMA cables
  • 1 SMA shorting cap (optional)
  • 1 oscilloscope with a bandwidth ≥ 2 GHz (optional)
  • 1 SMA T-piece (optional)