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Auxiliary Tab

The Auxiliary tab provides access to the settings of the Auxiliary Outputs; it is available on all GHFLI instruments.


  • Auxiliary output signal sources: Demodulators and manual setting
  • Define Offsets, Pre-offsets and Scaling for auxiliary output values
  • Control over the 4 High-speed and 4 High-precision auxiliary outputs


The Auxiliary tab serves mainly to control the auxiliary outputs. Whenever the tab is closed or an additional one of the same type is needed, clicking the following icon will open a new instance of the tab.

Table 1: App icon and short description
Control/Tool Option/Range Description
Aux Controls all settings regarding the auxiliary inputs and auxiliary outputs.

The Auxiliary tab (see Figure 1) allows to associate any of the measured signals to one of the 8 auxiliary outputs on the instrument front panel. With the action buttons next to the Preoffset and Offset values the effective voltage on the auxiliary outputs can be automatically set to zero (this functionality will be available soon).

Figure 1: LabOne UI: Auxiliary tab

Functional Elements

Table 2: Auxiliary tab
Control/Tool Option/Range Description
Preoffset numerical value in signal units Add a pre-offset to the signal before scaling is applied. Auxiliary Output Value = (Signal+Preoffset)*Scale + Offset
Auto-zero Automatically adjusts the Pre-offset to set the Auxiliary Output Value to zero.
Scale numerical value Multiplication factor to scale the signal. Auxiliary Output Value = (Signal+Preoffset)*Scale + Offset
Offset numerical value in Volts Add the specified offset voltage to the signal after scaling. Auxiliary Output Value = (Signal+Preoffset)*Scale + Offset
Signal Select the signal source to be represented on the Auxiliary Output.
X Select the demodulator X component for auxiliary output.
Y Select the demodulator Y component for auxiliary output.
Manual Manually define an auxiliary output voltage using the offset field.
Channel index Select the channel according to the selected signal source.