Session.raw_path_to_node(raw_path: str, *, module: Optional[Union[BaseModule, DAQModule, SHFQASweeper, SweeperModule, ScopeModule, ImpedanceModule, DeviceSettingsModule, PIDAdvisorModule, PrecompensationAdvisorModule]] = None) Node[source]#

Converts a raw node path string into a Node object.

The device that this strings belongs to must be connected to the Data Server. Optionally a module can be specified to which the node belongs to. (The module is only an additional search path, meaning even if a module is specified the node can belong to a connected device.)


Corresponding toolkit node object.

  • ValueError – If the raw_path does not start with a leading dash.

  • ToolkitError – If the node does not belong to the optional module or to a connected device.

Return type:


Changed in version 0.5.3: Changed RuntimeError to ValueError.