Waveforms.validate(meta_info: Union[bytes, str], *, allow_missing=True) None[source]#

Validates the waveforms against the ones defined in a sequencer program.

The information about the sequencer code can either be passed in form of a compiled elf file or a the waveform descriptor provided by the device once a valid sequencer code was uploaded to the device. The waveform descriptor can be read from the device through the node <path to awg core>.waveform.descriptors (e.g hdawg.awgs[0].waveform.descriptors()).

  • meta_info (Union[bytes, str]) – Compiled sequencer code or the waveform descriptor.

  • allow_missing – Flag if this function allows placeholder waveforms to be defined in the sequencer code that are not used in this object. This is disabled by default since uploading/replacing only a fraction of the defined waveforms is a valid use case.

  • TypeError – If the meta_info are not a compiled elf file, string or dictionary.

  • ValidationError – If the Validation fails.

Return type:


New in version 0.4.2.