Waveforms.get_raw_vector(slot: int, *, complex_output: bool = False) ndarray[source]#

Get the raw vector for a slot required by the device.

Either converts a waveform into the native AWG waveform format that can be uploaded to the AWG wave node or converts the waveform into a complex waveform that can be uploaded to a generator wave node. (complex_output = True).

  • slot (int) – slot number of the waveform

  • complex_output (bool) – Flag if the output should be a complex waveform for a generator node, instead of of the native AWG format that can only be uploaded to an AWG node. (default = False)


Waveform in the native AWG format or as a complex waveform


ValueError – The length of the waves does not match the target length.

Return type:


Changed in version 0.4.2: Removed target_length flag and functionality. The length check is now done in the validate function.