class DeviceSettingsModule(device_settings_module: DeviceSettingsModule, session: Session)[source]#

Bases: BaseModule

Implements the device settings module for storing and loading settings.

The Device Settings Module provides functionality for saving and loading device settings to and from file. The file is saved in XML format.

For simple save and load two helper functions exist save_to_file and load_from_file.

Note: It is not recommend to use this function to read the

device settings. Instead one can use the zhinst-toolkit functionality to read all settings from a device/subtree from the device directly by calling it.

For a complete documentation see the LabOne user manual

  • device_settings_module (DeviceSettingsModule) – Instance of the core Impedance Module.

  • session (Session) – Session to the Data Server.


load_from_file(filename, device[, timeout])

Load a LabOne settings file to a device.


Read device settings.

save_to_file(filename, device[, timeout])

Save the device settings to a LabOne settings file.