class ScopeModule(scope_module: ScopeModule, session: Session)[source]#

Bases: BaseModule

Scope Module.

The Scope Module corresponds to the functionality available in the Scope tab in the LabOne User Interface and provides API users with an interface to acquire assembled and scaled scope data from the instrument programmatically.

For a complete documentation see the LabOne user manual

Although it is possible to acquire scope data using the lower-level subscribe/poll method, the Scope Module provides API users with several advantages. Specifically, the Scope Module:

  • Provides a uniform interface to acquire scope data from all instrument classes (HF2 scope usage differs from and MF and UHF devices, especially with regards to scaling).

  • Scales and offsets the scope wave data to get physically meaningful values. If data is polled from the device node using subscribe/poll the scaling and offset must be applied manually.

  • Assembles large multi-block transferred scope data into single complete records. When the scope is configured to record large scope lengths and data is directly polled from the device node /DEV…​/SCOPES/n/WAVE the data is split into multiple blocks for efficient transfer of data from the Data Server to the API; these must then be programmatically reassembled. The Scope Module performs this assembly and returns complete scope records (unless used in pass-through mode, mode=0).

  • Can be configured to return the FFT of the acquired scope records (with mode=3) as provided by the Scope Tab in the LabOne UI. FFT data is not available from the device nodes in the /DEV/…​./SCOPES/ branch using subscribe/poll.

  • Can be configured to average the acquired scope records the averager/parameters.

  • Can be configured to return a specific number of scope records using the historylength parameter.

  • scope_module (ScopeModule) – Instance of the core scope module.

  • session (Session) – Session to the Data Server.

New in version 0.5.0.



Stop the module.