class AWG(parent, tk_object, index, snapshot_cache=None, zi_node=None)[source]#

Bases: ZINode

AWG node.

This class implements the basic functionality for the device specific arbitrary waveform generator. Besides the upload/compilation of sequences it offers the upload of waveforms and command tables.

  • root – Root of the nodetree

  • tree – Tree (node path as tuple) of the current node

  • session – Underlying session.

  • serial – Serial of the device.

  • index – Index of the corresponding awg channel

  • device_type – Device type


compile_sequencer_program(sequencer_program, ...)

Compiles a sequencer program for the specific device.

enable_sequencer(*, single)

Starts the sequencer of a specific channel.

load_sequencer_program(sequencer_program, ...)

Compiles the given sequencer program on the AWG Core.


Read waveforms from the waveform memory.

wait_done(*[, timeout, sleep_time])

Wait until the AWG is finished.

write_to_waveform_memory(waveforms[, indexes])

Writes waveforms to the waveform memory.