Session.poll(recording_time: float = 0.1, timeout: float = 0.5, flags: PollFlags = PollFlags.DEFAULT) Dict[ZIParameter, Dict[str, Any]][source]#

Polls all subscribed data.

Poll the value changes in all subscribed nodes since either subscribing or the last poll (assuming no buffer overflow has occurred on the Data Server).

  • recording_time (float) – defines the duration of the poll. (Note that not only the newly recorder values are polled but all values since either subscribing or the last pill). Needs to be larger than zero. (default = 0.1)

  • timeout (float) – Adds an additional timeout in seconds on top of recording_time. Only relevant when communicating in a slow network. In this case it may be set to a value larger than the expected round-trip time in the network. (default = 0.5)

  • flags (PollFlags) – Flags for the polling (see :class PollFlags:)


Polled data in a dictionary. The key is a Node object and the value is a dictionary with the raw data from the device

Return type:

Dict[ZIParameter, Dict[str, Any]]