class SHFQC(*args: Any, **kwargs: Any)[source]#

Bases: SHFQC

QCoDeS driver for the Zurich Instruments SHFQC.

  • serial – Serial number of the device, e.g. ‘dev12000’. The serial number can be found on the back panel of the instrument.

  • server_host – Host address of the data server (e.g. localhost)

  • server_port – Port number of the data server. If not specified the session uses the default port. (default = 8004)

  • interface – Device interface (e.g. = “1GbE”). If not specified the default interface from the discover is used.

  • name – Name of the instrument in qcodes.

  • raw – Flag if qcodes instance should only created with the nodes and not forwarding the toolkit functions. (default = False)

  • new_session – By default zhinst-qcodes reuses already existing data server session (within itself only), meaning only one session to a data server exists. Setting the flag will create a new session.

  • args (Any) –

  • kwargs (Any) –

Return type:



Creating a new session should be done carefully and reusing the created session is not possible. Consider instantiating a new session directly.