Zurich Instruments QCoDeS driver 0.5.3 Documentation#

The Zurich Instruments drivers for QCoDeS (zhinst-qcodes) is a package of instrument drivers for devices produced by Zurich Instruments for QCoDeS. QCoDeS is a Python-based data acquisition framework developed to serve the needs of nanoelectronic device experiments, but not limited to that.

The drivers are based on zhinst-toolkit <https://github.com/zhinst/zhinst-toolkit>, a generic high level python driver for LabOne. Except for the node tree which in case for the zhinst-qcodes driver is implemented with the native QCoDeS Parameters both driver behave the same. To be even more precise the zhinst-qcodes forwards all calls (functions, parameters …) to zhinst qcodes and has no logic builtin what so ever.

For the most cases the zhinst-toolkit documentation will therefor serve as a reference for this package as well. If you can not find a answer to your question here please refer to the zhinst-toolkit documentation instead.

Get started with the Installation and then get an overview with the Quickstart guide.