zhinst-qcodes Changelog#

Version 0.4.0#

  • Fix Display name for the commandtable node. (commandtablenode -> commandtable)

  • Fix Display name for the awg node. (awgcore -> awg)

Version 0.3.4#

  • Add SHFQC device-utils and toolkit functionalities. ## Version 0.3.3

  • Adapt to toolkit 0.3.2

  • Make device class stubs derivable. This enables the user to directly derive from the exposed classes.

  • Fixed #31.

Version 0.3.2#

  • Adapt to toolkit 0.3.1

Version 0.3.1#

  • Outsource device class mapping into zhinst.qcodes.driver.devices (This enables the user to derive from the device classes easily the same way as in toolkit.) ## Version 0.3

  • redesign and complete refactoring of zhinst-qcodes

    • lazy node tree to improve setup times

    • switch to session based approach (no longer device based)

    • command table handling improved

    • waveform handling improved

    • removed automated sequencer code generation

    • added LabOne modules

Version 0.2.2#

  • Add SHFSG driver

  • Support both HDAWG8 and HDAWG4

Version 0.2.0#

  • Append a trailing underscore to nodes that equal to reserved keywords in Python to make them available in the nodetree.

  • Adapt instrument drivers to zhinst-toolkit release 0.2.0

  • Add SHFQA driver

  • Add PQSC driver

Version 0.1.3#

  • Add complex validator for device streaming node DEMODS/n/SAMPLE

Version 0.1.2#

  • Snapshot only parameters marked as ‘Setting’

  • Fix readout channel assignment in UHFQA driver

Version 0.1.1#

  • initial release