ZIParameter.snapshot_base(update: bool = True, params_to_skip_update: List[str] | None = None) dict[source]#

State of the parameter as a JSON-compatible dict.

(everything that the custom JSON encoder class qcodes.utils.helpers.NumpyJSONEncoder supports)

If the parameter has been initiated with snapshot_value=False, the snapshot will NOT include the value and raw_value of the parameter.

Overwrite base class function to use the snapshot_cache.

  • update (bool) – If True, update the state by calling parameter.get() unless snapshot_get of the parameter is False. If update is None, use the current value from the cache unless the cache is invalid. If False, never call parameter.get().

  • params_to_skip_update (List[str] | None) – No effect but may be passed from base class


base snapshot

Return type: