configure_channel(daq: ziDAQServer, device_id: str, channel_index: int, *, enable: int, output_range: int, center_frequency: float, rflf_path: int) None[source]#

Configures the RF input and output of a specified channel.

  • daq (ziDAQServer) – Instance of a Zurich Instruments API session connected to a Data Server. The device with identifier device_id is assumed to already be connected to this instance.

  • device_id (str) – SHFSG device identifier, e.g. dev12004 or ‘shf-dev12004’.

  • channel_index (int) – Index of the used SG channel.

  • enable (int) – Whether or not to enable the channel.

  • output_range (int) – Maximal range of the signal output power in dbM.

  • center_frequency (float) – Center Frequency before modulation.

  • rflf_path (int) – Switch between RF and LF paths.

Return type: