get_settings_transaction(dev: str, qa_channel: int, qudit_idx: int, qudit_settings: QuditSettings, *, enable: bool = True) List[Tuple[str, Any]][source]#

Compiles a list of settings to apply to the device.

  • dev (str) – The device id.

  • qa_channel (int) – The index of the QA channel

  • qudit_idx (int) – The index of the qudit to be configured

  • qudit_settings (QuditSettings) – The qudit settings to be configured

  • enable (bool) – Whether to enable the qudit (default: True)


List of settings defining a transaction. Each list entry is a tuple, where the first entry specifies the node path and the second entry the value to be configured to the respective node.

Return type:

List[Tuple[str, Any]]