Zurich Instruments LabOne Python API Utility functions for SHFQC.


configure_marker_and_trigger(daq, device_id, ...)

Configures the trigger inputs and marker outputs of a specified AWG core.

configure_pulse_modulation(daq, device_id, ...)

Configure the pulse modulation.

configure_qa_channel(daq, device_id, *, ...)

Configures the RF input and output of a specified QA channel.

configure_qa_sequencer_triggering(daq, ...)

Configures the triggering of a specified sequencer.

configure_result_logger_for_readout(daq, ...)

Configures a specified result logger for readout mode.


Configures a specified result logger for spectroscopy mode.

configure_scope(daq, device_id, *, ...[, ...])

Configures the scope for a measurement.

configure_sg_channel(daq, device_id, ...)

Configures the RF input and output of a specified SG channel.

configure_sine_generation(daq, device_id, ...)

Configures the sine generator output of a specified SG channel.

configure_weighted_integration(daq, ...[, ...])

Configures the weighted integration on a specified channel.

enable_result_logger(daq, device_id, *, mode)

Resets and enables a specified result logger.

enable_scope(daq, device_id, *, single[, ...])

Resets and enables the scope.

enable_sequencer(daq, device_id, ...)

Starts the sequencer of a specific channel.

get_result_logger_data(daq, device_id, *, mode)

Return the measured data of a specified result logger.

get_scope_data(daq, device_id, *[, timeout])

Queries the scope for data once it is finished.

load_sequencer_program(daq, device_id, ...)

Compiles and loads a program to a specified sequencer.

max_qubits_per_qa_channel(daq, device_id)

Returns the maximum number of supported qubits per channel.

start_continuous_sw_trigger(daq, device_id, ...)

Start a continuous trigger.

upload_commandtable(daq, device_id, ...)

Uploads a command table in the form of a string to the appropriate channel.

write_to_waveform_memory(daq, device_id, ...)

Writes pulses to the waveform memory of a specified generator.