autoConnect(default_port: Optional[int] = None, api_level: Optional[int] = None) ziDAQServer[source]#

Try to connect to a Zurich Instruments Data Server (UHF,HF2 only).

Important: autoConnect() does not support MFLI devices.

  • default_port (Optional[int]) – The default port to use when connecting to the Data Server (specify 8005 for the HF2 Data Server and 8004 for the UHF Data Server) If default_port is not specified (=None) then first try to connect to a HF2, if no server devices are found then try to connect to an UHF. This behaviour is useful for the API examples. If we cannot connect to a server and/or detect a connected device raise a RuntimeError. (default=None).

  • api_level (Optional[int]) – The API level to use, either 1, 4 or 5. HF2 only supports Level 1, Level 5 is recommended for UHF and MFLI devices (default=None).


An instance of the ziPython.ziDAQServer class that is used

for communication to the Data Server.

Return type:



RuntimeError – If no running Data Server is found or no device is found that is attached to a Data Server.x