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Change Log

Release 24.04

Release date: 30-Apr-2024

  • SHFLI-MOD Modulation Analysis option that introduces two modulation units for sideband analysis is enabled.

Release 24.01

Release date: 31-Jan-2024

  • DAQ module can acquire and analyze hardware-triggered demodulator data.
  • Demodulator metadata provides information on frequencies and sources.
  • Demodulator frequencies are included in the LabOne UI analysis tools.
  • Bypassing the demodulator LPF is available in the LabOne UI.
  • Demodulator input selectors are independent from the multi-frequency (MF) option.

Release 23.10

Release date: 31-Oct-2023

  • GHF-PID Quad PID/PLL Controller Option is enabled.
  • External reference (ExtRef) feature allowing the user to lock an oscillator to an external signal's frequency.
  • Amplitude (R) and Phase (Theta) of the demodulated signals are now available at the Auxiliary Outputs.
  • Demodulator data acquisition can be triggered via Trigger Inputs.
  • Connectivity: Ethernet-over-USB on the USB 2 interface.
  • Sweeper: Setting the start and stop points of the sweep parameter from the x-axis cursors in the Sweeper tab.

Release 23.06

Release date: 30-Jun-2023

  • Hardware triggering for demodulator data acquisition.
  • New data-server kernel to improve data acquisition performance.

Release 23.02

Release date: 28-Feb-2023

  • Initial release of the SHFLI user manual.