Source code for zhinst.qcodes.driver.modules.precompensation_advisor_module

"""Autogenerated module for the PrecompensationAdvisorModule QCoDeS driver."""
import typing as t
from zhinst.toolkit.driver.modules.precompensation_advisor_module import (
    PrecompensationAdvisorModule as TKPrecompensationAdvisorModule,

from zhinst.qcodes.driver.modules.base_module import ZIBaseModule

    from zhinst.qcodes.session import Session

[docs] class ZIPrecompensationAdvisorModule(ZIBaseModule): """Precompensation Advisor Module. This module provides the functionality available in the LabOne User Interface’s Precompensation Tab. In essence the precompensation allows a pre-distortion or pre-emphasis to be applied to a signal before it leaves the instrument, to compensate for undesired distortions caused by the device under test (DUT). The Precompensation Advisor module simulates the precompensation filters in the device, allowing the user to experiment with different filter settings and filter combinations to obtain an optimal output signal, before using the setup in the actual device. For a complete documentation see the LabOne user manual Note: Unlike most other LabOne modules, this module does not expose any functions. Each time one or more filter parameters are changed, the module re-runs the simulation and the results can be read via the wave/output, wave/output/forwardwave and wave/output/backwardwave parameters. Args: tk_object: Underlying zhinst-toolkit object. session: Session to the Data Server. name: Name of the module in QCoDeS. """ def __init__( self, tk_object: TKPrecompensationAdvisorModule, session: "Session", name: str = "precompensation_advisor_module", ): super().__init__(tk_object, session, name)