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Software Update


It is recommended to regularly update the LabOne software on the SHFPPC Instrument to the latest version. In case the Instrument has access to the internet, this is a very simple task and can be done with a single click in the software itself, as shown in Updating LabOne using Automatic Update Check. If you use one of the LabOne APIs with a separate installer, don't forget to update this part of the software, too.

Updating LabOne using Automatic Update Check

Updating the software is done in two steps. First, LabOne is updated on the PC by downloading and installing the LabOne software from the Zurich Instruments downloads page, as shown in Software Installation. Second, the instrument firmware needs to be updated from the Device Connection dialog after starting up LabOne. This is shown in Updating the Instrument Firmware . In case "Periodically check for updates" has been enabled during the LabOne installation and LabOne has access to the internet, a notification will appear on the Device Connection dialog whenever a new version of the software is available for download. This setting can later be changed in the Config tab of the LabOne user interface. In case automatic update check is disabled, the user can manually check for updates at any time by clicking on the button in the Device Connection dialog. In case an update is found, clicking on the button "Update Available" shown in Figure 1 will start a download the latest LabOne installer for Windows or Linux, see Figure 2. After download, proceed as explained in Software Installation to update LabOne.

Figure 1: Device Connection dialog: LabOne update available

Figure 2: Download LabOne MSI using Automatic Update Check feature

Updating the Instrument Firmware

The LabOne software consists of both software that runs on your PC and software that runs on the instrument. In order to distinguish between the two, the latter will be called firmware for the rest of this document. When upgrading to a new software release, it's also necessary to update the instrument firmware.

If the firmware needs an update, this is indicated in the Device Connection dialog of the LabOne user interface under Windows.

In the Basic view of the dialog, there will be a button "Upgrade FW" appearing together with the instrument icon as shown in Figure 3. In the Advanced view, there will be a link "Upgrade FW" in the Update column of the Available Devices table. Click on Upgrade FW to open the firmware update start-up dialog shown in Figure 4. The firmware upgrade takes approximately 2 minutes.

Figure 3: Device Connection dialog with available firmware update

Figure 4: Device Firmware Update start-up dialog


Do not disconnect the USB or 1GbE cable to the Instrument or power-cycle the Instrument during a firmware update.

If you encounter any issues while upgrading the instrument firmware, please contact Zurich Instruments at