Eager to get started? This page gives a good introduction to zhinst-utils. Follow Installation to install zhinst-utils first.


Before you can spin up zhinst-utils LabOneĀ® needs to installed and running. For a complete reference see the dedicated user manual page for your instrument(s).

Before you continue make sure a LabOneĀ® data server is running in your network and all of your devices are visible.

Session To The Data Server#

The utils provide a set of helper functions to ease the use of commonly used functionalities. It can not be used as a standalone package but rather is an addition to the LabOne python API (zhinst-core).

Each function is stateless/static. Meaning it either creates or operates on an existing data server session from zhinst-core.

The follwoing example shows how a call to a device specific utils function zhinst.utils.shfqa.max_qubits_per_channel could look like for the device DEVXXXX connected to the dataserver running on localhost.

>>> from zhinst.ziPython import ziDAQServer
>>> import zhinst.utils.shfqa as shfqa_utils
>>> daq = ziDAQServer("localhost", 8004, 6)
>>> daq.connectDevice("DEVXXXX", "1GbE")
>>> shfqa_utils.max_qubits_per_channel(daq, "DEVXXXX")

For a complete list of all helper function provided by zhinst-utils take a look at the Package Documentation