Eager to get started? This page gives a good introduction to zhinst-deviceutils. Follow Installation to install zhinst-deviceutils first.


Before you can spin up zhinst-deviceutils LabOneĀ® needs to installed and running. For a complete reference see the dedicated user manual page for your instrument(s).

Before you continue make sure a LabOneĀ® data server is running in your network and all of your devices are visible.

Session To The Data Server#

The device utils provide a set of helper functions to ease the use of commonly used device functionallities. It can not be used as a standalone package but rather is an addition to the LabOne python API (ziPython).

Each function is stateless/static. This requires every device utils function to have an argument for the data server session from ziPython and the serial of the device the function should be applied to.

The follwoing example shows how a call to the device utils function shfqa.max_qubits_per_channel could look like for the device DEVXXXX connected to the dataserver running on localhost.

>>> from zhinst.ziPython import ziDAQServer
>>> import zhinst.deviceutils.shfqa as shfqa_utils
>>> daq = ziDAQServer("localhost", 8004, 6)
>>> daq.connectDevice("DEVXXXX", "1GbE")
>>> shfqa_utils.max_qubits_per_channel(daq, "DEVXXXX")

For a complete list of all helper function provided by zhinst-deviceutils take a look at the Package Documentation