UHFLI Firmware Upgrade Guide

Zurich Instruments LabOne consists of both software that runs on your PC and software (firmware) that runs on the UHFLI instrument. In order for the PC software to operate correctly it is necessary to update the UHFLI instrument’s firmware when installing LabOne. This step only has to be performed once. The firmware upgrade process is integrated into the LabOne user interface. Alternatively, the firmware upgrade utility program can be used for this purpose. This guide explain how to upgrade the instrument firmware using this program.


In order to upgrade the instrument firmware, you must first take the following steps:

  1. Download and install the latest version of LabOne on your PC. Administrator rights are necessary for the installation. Please see the UHF User Manual.

  2. Either start the UHF instrument or, if it was already running, switch off and restart the UHF instrument.

  3. Connect the UHF to the PC with the LabOne installation via USB cable.

Starting the Firmware Upgrade UHFLI utility

The Firmware Upgrade UHFLI utility is a program with graphical user interface used to perform a firmware upgrade and is included in the LabOne installation. Execute the file uhfli_flash.exe in the LabOne installation folder (usually C:\Program Files\Zurich Instruments\LabOne\DataServer\UHF_Flash).

Using the Firmware Upgrade UHFLI utility

Do not disconnect the USB cable to the UHF instrument or power-cycle the instrument whilst performing any of the following steps.

Upon starting the Firmware Upgrade UHFLI utility it should detect the device that is connected to the PC via USB. The device serial number is displayed next to Device:.

Figure 1. The Firmware Upgrade UHFLI utility upon start-up.

Select the device you would like to upgrade

Select which device you would like to upgrade via the pull-down menu. If no device is listed, please try the following steps:

  1. Ensure that the USB cable is properly connected.

  2. Try power-cycling the device.

  3. Click the "Refresh" button.

Program the firmware of the connected device

Click the "Program" button to check the version of the current firmware and install the new firmware on the device.

Figure 2. Verifying the firmware version.

After clicking "Program" and the update is finished it is always necessary to power-cycle the instrument to resume normal operation, even if the firmware was previously up-to-date.

Figure 3. Pop-up box indicating successful installation of the new firmware.
Figure 4. Pop-up box indicating that the firmware was already up-to-date.

Close the Firmware Upgrade UHFLI utility

Click the Exit button to close the Firmware Upgrade UHFLI utility.


If you encounter any issues whilst upgrading the instrument firmware, please contact: support@zhinst.com.