The Sweeper is the control unit of the Spectroscopy mode as it controls the offset frequency (from the Center Frequency of the Channels analysis band) and amplitude of the digital Oscillator. It also acquires the integrated data in a synchronized manner and provides the data to the user.

An external Trigger from the Hardware Trigger Engine may be provided to trigger the acquisition of the result integration in the Sweeper. That way, even a pulsed resonator spectroscopy - e.g. following qubit state preparation - can be performed.

Features Overview

  • Simple setup of a spectroscopy measurement

  • Instrument-coordinated signal generation and acquisition

  • Guaranteed optimal performance given the instruments capabilities

  • Trigger-based acquisition of spectroscopy results


The Sweeper is accessible through a simple API module and does not feature specific nodes in the node tree. It only requires a few sweep parameters need to be set and the instrument takes care of the synchronized frequency sweep of the digital oscillators offset frequency while at the same time recording the integrated data. The final result is provided by the user through a dedicated file structure including a header with the most relevant sweep parameters.

For more details on how to configure and start the Sweeper, see the spectroscopy example accessible through the Python API.