Measurement Functionality

In this section, the measurement functionality of the SHFQA is described, i.e. the functionality that is useful when setting up and carrying out experiments. Each chapter first introduces the functionality, provides a summary of the functional elements before - if applicable - explaining the representation in the LabOne general user interface.

The instrument functionality can be represented by a node tree. Each node can either set, read or poll settings or data from the device. Most of the functionality resides within the different readout Channels of the SHFQA, each of which is represented by its own version of the QAChannels branch: /DEV…​./QACHANNELS/n/…​. Other functionality that is either independent of the readout Channels, or shared, has its own branch, e.g. common device features (/DEV…​./Features/…​), or system features (/DEV…​./systems/n/…​). All nodes are listed within the node tree documentation.

Because of the recent launch of the SHFQA instrument, the following chapters are constantly being upgraded and new documentation is added. For the latest version of the documentation, please always refer to the online documentation.