What’s New in the PQSC User Manual

Release 21.08

Release date: 30-Aug-2021

  • Full support for SHFQA instrument, expanded readout registry bank

  • Stability improvements in ZSync link and synchronization for all instruments

  • Add graphical interface to control the feedback processing

  • Each bit in the register forwarding can be enabled separately

Release 21.02

Release date: 28-Feb-2021

  • LabOne API: Added online Programming Manual and Documentation

  • Enabled ZSync support of SHF instruments

  • Improved locking to external clock

Release 20.07

Release date: 20-Aug-2020

  • Support synchronization with the UHFQA

  • Add real-time fast feedback architecture

  • Add Lookup Table decoder for feedback

  • General stability improvements

Release 20.01

Release date: 28-Feb-2020

First version of PQSC User Manual.